There will come a time in every life when the Self discovers it is in conflict with the Manmade Mind.
In such moments, the money-sex-power-and-religion glorifying culture, with all its shallowness, loses its narcotic effect. Absent of the crutch of materialism and other vanities, the seeker is left naked, looking for something he has never known. This is the greatest moment that will ever come in his life; the moment when his humanity unapologetically surfaces and he discovers — perhaps for the first time — his voice is the only authentic one he has; his dreans deserve a fighting chance, and his route to the Great Path is his alone to find.
 — Noir Soulkin, Author & Self-Discovery Advocate
Self-Discovery is the Only Road That Leads To The Fullfilment of Dreams.

The work of Noir Soulkin was born out of his personal pain, self-hate, and desperate need of Self-discovery. His sacred purpose in starting this soulful work is to share lessons learned along the journey. This extensive website is being designed as a safe space for a personal, mental, and spiritual journeying to the center of Self. Our work is not about self-pity or a "woe is me" psychology, but of the extraordinary audacity required to become our most authentic selves. Though the process of Self-Discovery can seem overwhelming, it will completely change your life. @NoirSoulkin     #MillionDollarSmile.

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